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  • Bp. Barron's Lent Reflections

    • Friends, in today’s Gospel Mary of Bethany anoints Jesus’ feet with perfumed oil, preparing him for burial. This gesture—wasting something as expensive as an entire jar of perfume—is sniffed at by...
  • Lenten Regulations

    Ash Wednesday and Good Friday are obligatory days of fasting and abstinence.

    Fridays during Lent are obligatory days of fasting.

    Fasting is to be observed by those who are 18 years of age until age 59.   When fasting a person is permitted to eat one full meal. Two smaller meals may be taken but not to equal a full meal. 

    Abstinance from meat is to be observed by those who are 14 years and older.

    If possible, the fast on Good Friday is continued until the Easter Vigil as the “paschal fast” to honor the suffering and death of the Lord Jesus and to prepare ourselves to share more fully and to celebrate the Resurrection. During Lent we are asked to surrender ourselves to prayer, to the reading of Scripture, to fasting and to giving alms.