Get-Well Wishes for Father Gosbert

  • Father Gosbert has now been released from the hospital after having been striken by the COVID-19 virus.

    Please check the website and Facebook page for any updates. 

    Please pray for Father Gosbert.
    You may leave your get-well wishes below.

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  • Updates

    Updates will be provided as as much as possible. Please respect the privacy of Father Gosbert and his family.

    4/28/20 - Father Gosbert has been released from the hospital. Please respect his privacy (no calls please) at this time as he continues toward full recovery.
    4/20/20 - Father Gosbert was released from the ICU and has been moved to a regular room. Praise be to God!
    4/6/20 - Father Gosbert continues to improve. His lungs are getting stronger.
    4/1/20 - Continued improvement. Lungs are doing better.
    3/30/20 - Father Gosbert has shown slight improvement. He has begun to respond to treatment. Your prayers are working! Keep them coming.
    3/29/20 - Father Gosbert's status is still unchanged. Please continue to pray for him.
    3/26/20 - Father Gosbert's status remains unchanged.
    3/24/20 - Father Gosbert remains hospitalized and under treatment.